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Plant and Animals Chapter 1 and Chapter 2


BrainPop- Photosynthesis

Biology4Kids- Photosynthesis

Scholastic- Photosynthesis

Quia- Photosynthesis


Animal Adaptations Game

BrainPop- Camouflage

Hide and Seek Game

Build Your Own Caterpillar

Build Your Own Fish

Squish the Fish

Plant Adaptations

BrainPop- Fossils

Forming Fossils

Fossil Fabricator

BrainPop- Carbon Dating

From Living to Fossils

Fossil Gallery

Ice Age Mammals

Structural and Behavioral Adaptations

Deep Sea Creatures

Deep Sea Creatures 2

Deep Sea Creatures 3

Deep Sea Creatures 4

Deep Sea Creatures 5

Food Chains

Desert Food Chains

Food Webs

Food Chain Quiz

Eko World

Endangered Ecosystems

Food Webs 2


The Universe Chapter 3


BrainPop- Solar System

BrainPop- Asteriod

BrainPop- Mercury

BrainPop- Venus

BrainPop- Earth

BrainPop- Mars

BrainPop- Jupiter

BrainPop- Saturn

BrainPop- Uranus

BrainPop- Neptune

BrainPop- Outer Solar System

BrainPop- Comets

BrainPop- Pluto

BrainPop- Life Cycle of a Star

Comparing Sizes of the Planets

Travel to Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Earth

More Facts about the Inner Planets

Exploring Different Images

The Solar System

Kids Astronomy- The Solar System

Starchild- Planets and Dwarf Planets

NASA- Grades 5-8

Order It Up- Solar System

Planet Image Cards

Planetary Orbits

Scholastic- Planets

Solar System Jigsaw Puzzle

Space Sense-

Solar System Trading Cards

Welcome to the Planets

February’s Night Sky

April’s Night Sky

July’s Night Sky

October’s Night Sky

Tonight’s Sky- Archives

The Space Hopper Game


NASA- Stars

NASA- The Life Cycle of Stars

Interactive Star Chart

NASA- StarChild

NASA- Star Gazers

National Geographic- Stars


PBS- Stars


Sky and Telescope- Star Chart

Scavenger Hunt



Using a Star Chart

More Constellations

Stories about the Constellations

Zodiac Constellations

Google Sky


Plate Tectonics Chapter 4 Lesson 1

BrainPop- Earth’s Structure

Labeling Earth’s Layers

BrainPop- Plate Tectonics

Continental Drift

Continental Drift 2

Animated Boundaries

Animated Fault Lines

Review Site for Plate Tectonics

National Geographic-Plate Tectonics

Plates on the Move

Plate Tectonics Map

Earth Floor

Volcanoes Chapter 4 Lesson 2

BrainPop- Volcanoes

BrainPop- Volcanoes Activity

Three Types of Volcanoes


Scholastic Volcano Lab

More Info

Information Packed Site

Enchanted Learning

More Volcanoes

Interactive Site


Earthquakes Chapter 4 Lesson 3

BrainPop- Earthquakes

BrainPop- Tsunamis


Tsunami Animation

Earthquake Home Safety Quiz

Scholastic- Earthquakes

FEMA for Kids- Earthquakes

Earthquakes for Kids

WeatherWizKids- Earthquakes

Recent Earthquakes in Our Area

Other Maps


Every Place Has Its Faults

National Geographic- Earthquakes

Welcome to Earthquake

Earthquake Resources

History of the New Madrid Seismic Zone


Earth’s Atmosphere Chapter 4 Lesson 4

BrainPop- Weather

BrainPop- Climate

BrainPop- Earth’s Atmosphere

Atmosphere Layer Game

Climate Map

Sea Breeze and Land Breeze

BrainPop- Ocean Currents

El Nino

Atmosphere and El Nino

El Nino and La Nina

El Nino 2

Weather (Scholastic)

El Nino Sites


Weather Maps


Great Smoky Mountain Weather

United States Climate Map


Properties of Matter Chapter 5


BrainPop- Property Changes

BrainPop- Measuring Matter

BrainPop- Buoyancy

BrainPop- States of Matter

BrainPop- Matter Changing States

States of Matter Game

Buoyancy Game

Changing State- Demonstration 1

Changing State- Demonstration 2

Change of State Review and Test

Scholastic Study Jam- Matter

Changing State Quiz

Changing State

Solids and Liquids

Melting and Boiling


Force and Motion Chapter 6 Lesson 2

BrainPop- Force

BrainPop- Gravity

BrainPop- Isaac Newton

BrainPop- Newton’s Laws of Motion

IKnowThat.Com- Gravity

Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

Gravity- Astronaut Game

Gravity Launch

Scholastic Moon Game


Energy Chapter 6 Lesson 3

BrainPop- Forms of Energy

BrainPop- Potential Energy

BrainPop- Kinetic Energy



Kids Health


Body Book

Yucky Facts

Kids Biology

Muscle Game

More Info