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The 2016- 2017 school year is upon us, and we have all sorts of fun activities planned. The goal of physical education is to encourage students to develop a fondness for physical activity and to help them understand that exercise is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle. At Ellendale we teach/develop a wide variety of skills, activities, games, individual sports, and team sports. We also make an effort to integrate other subject areas,such as math, social studies, science, and language arts, into our P.E. lessons. Below we have listed our rules for P.E. I am excited about the school year!
Mr. McKinney
Email- mmckinney@bartlettschools.org

Enter and exit the gym quietly
Respect classmates,teachers,yourself,and equipment
Always try to be a good sport
Wear tennis shoes on PE days
When you hear the whistle freeze
Have fun and get fit

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Acitivities 2nd Nine Weeks

Earned Fun Day
Candy Grab
Bean Bag Bocce
Striking Skills
K-2 Balloons
3rd-5th Volleyball Skills( Underhand/Overhand Serve, Overhead Volley, Underhand Volley, Spike)
Portfolio Testing

Activities For The First Nine Weeks

1)Listening Games/Loco Motor Activities

   I See

   Red Light Green Light

   Four Corners


   Mickey Mouse

2)Throwing and Catching Skills

   Clean Your Yard/Throwing Stations

   Bulls Eye

   Snowball Castles


   Life Boat

   Team Handball