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Susanna House » Welcome to Mrs. House's neighborhood!

Welcome to Mrs. House's neighborhood!

Welcome to 1st grade! I am so grateful to have the opportunity to teach at Ellendale Elementary School. We have so much to learn this year and I am looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you. This website is a wonderful tool for you and your child to see what we are doing in our classroom. On this website, you can find our monthly newsletters, remind messages, spelling words, vocabulary words, as well as photos and important events. Of course, if there is any information you are unable to find or you have any questions, the best way to reach me is through email at shouse@bartlettschools.org or call the school at 901.373.2636.
Upcoming Dates to Remember:
May 7th-11th: Teacher Appreciation Week
May 21st: First Grade End of Year Celebration
May 24th: Half day for students/Last day of 4th quarter
We studied Johnny Appleseed all week. We labeled parts of an apple, we ordered the steps of an apple tree's life cycle, and we even had apple treats. We had lots of fun learning, but I think the best part was making homemade applesauce together!
First grade did wonderfully today when Mayor McDonald came to talk about his role in our community. We have been learning all about different important leaders and community helpers and he was the perfect guest speaker to enhance these lessons. Students developed their own questions and listened attentively to learn about different ways Mayor McDonald helps to make Bartlett such an awesome place to live. What a great experience!
The Harvest Treat was a blast!! All the children decorated their own cookies, had festive cupcakes, treat bags, and designed their own leaves. Our fabulous classroom assistant, Mrs. Garrard, created a wreath for our classroom out of all the leaves and even decorated the room for our party. Mrs. House's Happy Campers are loving first grade!!
From registering to vote for our mock Election Day, to looking like movie stars, these precious little ones sure are growing fast!
So much was learned and tons of fun was had! We made our own butter, dressed like Pilgrims and Native Americans, and celebrated with a small feast just like the First Thanksgiving. Everyone had a wonderful time!
The photos are a bit blurry, but I think it's plain to see....these kiddos were totally surprised when 'der Nikolaus' came trotting and jingling through the hallway. WE have been learning all about holiday traditions all over the world this week. For this particular day, we visited Germany and experienced their tradition, which is much like Santa bringing treats for our stockings. Children in Germany leave their shoes out to be filled with a present by 'der Nikolaus'. We tried leaving our shoes in the hallway and couldn't believe what we found!! We heard bells jingling and horse hoofs trotting and sure enough- we came out to find treats in our shoes!!
The Rainforest tent was so neat!
The kids loved creating shapes with marshmallows and toothpicks.
Inspired by our Plant Unit in Language Arts and Science, we can't wait to see our radishes, watermelons, thyme and many other herbs and veggies begin to germinate!!
Spike's Hike was a huge success and so much fun!