Ellendale Elementary

Testing Dates

Testing Dates

**The following section will give testing dates for the current week**

**8/11- No Tests this week

8/18- "Iris and Walter" Spelling Test

8/18-"Iris and Walter" Comprehension Test

8/18-Sentence or Not a Sentence Grammar Test

8/18 Addition and Subtraction Quiz

8/25- Reading (Spelling and Comprehension Test)

8/25-Grammar-Subject of a sentence

8/25- Addition Strategies Test

9/1-Subject/Predicate Test

9/1-Henry and Mudge Comp. Test

9/1-Spelling Test

9/1-Adding two-digits test

9/7- Review Quiz on Subject and Predicate of a sentence

9/8- Subtraction Strategies Quiz

9/14- Spelling and Comp Test on "The Walking Dessert

9/22-Spelling and Comp test on "The Strongest One"

12/8- A Weed is a Flower Comprehension and Spelling Test,

12/8-2Digit and 3 Digits Subtraction Test

12/8-Linking Verbs Test (am,is are,was,were)