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Greetings Ellendale Families!

Welcome to Ellendale's Art Room! 
Art gives students a visual voice to express what is important to them. Our national and state standards guide our instruction as we explore many different themes.

Students create art each week using creative and critical thinking, refining their use of art techniques, using problem solving strategies, engaging and persisting through challenges, and reflecting on their work. This process takes a lot of time, so we will spend about 4 to 6 class sessions working on one project. Please know your students are working, even though art may not come home very often. Students will probably complete about 8 to 10 projects over the year. Please ask your child questions about what they are learning in Art class.

Please remind your child not to wear his or her best clothes on Art day. Although we try to use washable materials whenever possible, we do occasionally use studio quality materials that may not come out of all clothing items.

We display art throughout the year in the school and in our community. Therefore, a completed project may not come home right when it is completed because we will keep it for display in the hall or in an art show.

We have the following expectations for art class:
Be Prepared
  • Bring a sharpened pencil to class
Be Responsible
  • Return projects when due
  • Return supplies to designated place in the art room when finished
Be Respectful
  • Use self control with volume and word choice
  • Use kind words
  • Listen and follow directions the first time given
Be Safe
  • Always walk in the room
  • Use supplies and the space for intended design and purposes
Art Grades:
Students receive two grades in art, and academic grade for their work, and a conduct grade. On the report card print out, academic grades are in the column on the left, and conduct grades are in the column on the right.
E- Exceeding grade level expectations
G- Meeting grade level expectations independently
S- Meeting grade level expectations with assistance
N- Not meeting grade level expectations
U- No effort given  

For more information as well as a link to past art galleries, please visit https://naea.digication.com/amandagalbraith/Welcome/ This site is hosted by the National Art Education Association in conjunction with Digication.

I know we will have a great year! See you in class.

Mrs. Galbraith