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March 27 Title 1 Parent Meeting 5:30
March 30 Good Friday Holiday


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March 19-23, 2018
Language Arts--The Signmaker's Assistant,  realism and fantasy, contractions, aw and au sounds


Spelling Words--

1.  chalk
2.  taught
3.  launch
4.  August
5.  caught
6.  because
7.  walk
8.  thaw
9.  draw
10. fault
11.  talk
12.  auto
13.  awkward
14.  audience
15.  applause

Selection Words and Definitions:

  1. idea—thought or opinion
  2. important—taken seriously
  3. blame—to say that something is someone’s fault
  4. signmaker—someone who makes signs or public notices that give information
  5. townspeople—people who live in a town
  6. afternoon—the time of day between noon and night

Spelling Sentences

  1. I will talk to the audience.
  2. She taught him to draw.
  3. Mary likes to walk in August.
Math- Chapter 2 numbers to 1000.
Social Studies--Amelia and Eleanor and Weekly Reader
Homework has changed.  Students will still read daily, but they will bring home GoMath homework instead of the daily sheets.    On Thursdays they will also bring home vocabulary homework that will help prepare them for Friday's reading test.