Ellendale Elementary

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November Dates:
November 27--Title 1 Parent Meeting
November 29-30--PTA Santa Shop Preview Days
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November 26-30, 2018
Language Arts--Dear Juno (It's in the basal reader), verb tense, drawing conclusions, compound words
Spelling Words--
1.  basketball
2.  someone
3.  weekend
4.  something
5.  birthday
6.  riverbank
7.  bathtub
8.  backyard
9.  driveway
10.  bedtime
11.  raindrop
12.  mailbox
13.  grandparent
14.  rattlesnake
15.  earthquake


Dear Juno Vocabulary

1. melting pot—a place where different people and cultures are mixed together

2. persimmons—an edible fruit that resembles a tomato

3.  smudged—became smeared when rubbed

4.  envelope—a flat paper container with a sealable flap

5.  photograph—picture

Math--I can add and subtract double digit numbers using different strategies
Social Studies--Foreign cultures