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Helpful Sites:

Science Links

Solar Eclipse



Discover Education

Interactive Site

NASA's Eye

National Geographic

NASA- map


Plant and Animals Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

Virtual Cells

Virtual Cell Animation


Biology4Kids- Photosynthesis

Scholastic- Photosynthesis

Quia- Photosynthesis


Animal Adaptations Game

Hide and Seek Game

Build Your Own Caterpillar

Build Your Own Fish

Squish the Fish

Plant Adaptations

Forming Fossils

Fossil Fabricator

From Living to Fossils

Fossil Gallery

Ice Age Mammals

Structural and Behavioral Adaptations

Deep Sea Creatures

Deep Sea Creatures 2

Deep Sea Creatures 3

Deep Sea Creatures 4

Deep Sea Creatures 5

Food Chains

Desert Food Chains

Food Webs

Food Chain Quiz

Eko World

Endangered Ecosystems

Food Webs 2

The Universe Chapter 3


Comparing Sizes of the Planets

Travel to Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Earth

More Facts about the Inner Planets

Exploring Different Images

The Solar System

Kids Astronomy- The Solar System

Starchild- Planets and Dwarf Planets

NASA- Grades 5-8

Order It Up- Solar System

Planet Image Cards

Planetary Orbits

Scholastic- Planets

Solar System Jigsaw Puzzle

Space Sense-

Solar System Trading Cards

Welcome to the Planets

February’s Night Sky

April’s Night Sky

July’s Night Sky

October’s Night Sky

Tonight’s Sky- Archives

The Space Hopper Game


NASA- Stars

NASA- The Life Cycle of Stars

Interactive Star Chart

NASA- StarChild

NASA- Star Gazers

National Geographic- Stars


PBS- Stars


Sky and Telescope- Star Chart

Scavenger Hunt



Using a Star Chart

More Constellations

Stories about the Constellations

Zodiac Constellations

Google Sky

Plate Tectonics Chapter 4 Lesson 1

Labeling Earth’s Layers

Continental Drift

Continental Drift 2

Animated Boundaries

Animated Fault Lines

Review Site for Plate Tectonics

National Geographic-Plate Tectonics

Plates on the Move

Plate Tectonics Map

Earth Floor

Volcanoes Chapter 4 Lesson 2

Three Types of Volcanoes


Scholastic Volcano Lab

More Info

Information Packed Site

Enchanted Learning

More Volcanoes

Interactive Site

Earthquakes Chapter 4 Lesson 3


Tsunami Animation

Earthquake Home Safety Quiz

Scholastic- Earthquakes

FEMA for Kids- Earthquakes

Earthquakes for Kids

WeatherWizKids- Earthquakes

Recent Earthquakes in Our Area

Other Maps


Every Place Has Its Faults

National Geographic- Earthquakes

Welcome to Earthquake

Earthquake Resources

History of the New Madrid Seismic Zone


Earth’s Atmosphere Chapter 4 Lesson 4

Atmosphere Layer Game

Climate Map

Sea Breeze and Land Breeze

El Nino

Atmosphere and El Nino

El Nino and La Nina

El Nino 2

Weather (Scholastic)

El Nino Sites


Weather Maps


Great Smoky Mountain Weather

United States Climate Map


Properties of Matter Chapter 5


States of Matter Game

Buoyancy Game

Changing State- Demonstration 1

Changing State- Demonstration 2

Change of State Review and Test

Scholastic Study Jam- Matter

Changing State Quiz

Changing State

Solids and Liquids

Melting and Boiling


Force and Motion Chapter 6 Lesson 2

IKnowThat.Com- Gravity

Balanced and Unbalanced Forces

Gravity- Astronaut Game

Gravity Launch

Scholastic Moon Game



Kids Health


Body Book

Yucky Facts

Kids Biology

Muscle Game

More Info

Lots more to come...

Want to review the PowerPoint that we discussed in class? How about studying the vocabulary words and definitions? Click on the following links to download the PDF that you need.