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Classroom Information

We will work with various programs in my classroom throughout the year. Below you will see a brief overview of what you can expect to see in your child's daily log folder.
*Headsprout: Online reading program that builds student's reading skills in a fun, animated way! It begins  with basic phonics and builds on sounds, to word families, to short stories, and comprehension.
*xtramath.org: An online fact fluency program used periodically to reinforce basic math facts
**Reflex Math: Grades 2-5, fact fluency practice required throughout the district. Can also be accessed at home.
**System 44: Grades 3-5, Reading Program with both a workbook and online component, required throughout district.
**SRA Reading Mastery: Reading Program required throughout district, can be used with all grades.
*TouchPoint Math: May be used to improve fact fluency, provide additional support and strategies for the student.