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August Events:
August 15, 2017     Curriculum Night


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August 14-18 2017


Language Arts--We will read The Name Jar and Iris and Walter. , short vowels, character and setting, sentences, and making predictions about text.


Spelling Words--

1. drum

2.  rock

3.  list

4.  desk

5.  job

6.  sad

7.  chop

8.  sack

9.  tag

10.  rib

11.  mess

12.  dust

13.  pocket

14.  lettuce

15.  engine


Vocabulary definitions--
1.  ladder--set of steps with two side pieces and rungs for climbing
2.  amazing--wonderful or surprising
3.  roller-skate--to move on roller skates, which are skates with wheels
4.  meadow--a piece of grassy land


Math-  We will work on addition and subtraction in Topic One, begin Power Math, and Calendar Math


Social Studies--We will practice Rules and Procedures for the class and for the school.

Stem--We will make towers with marshmallows and toothpicks.
Homework this week is page with math problems nightly.  Also, on Thursday they will bring home a vocabulary homework page that will be practice for the reading test.